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Sony Foundation needs your help to fund holiday camps for children and adolescents with a disability.

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is daunting for most people. But as a young person with a disability, turning 18 can mean increased isolation and reduced opportunity, resulting in long term mental health issues. 1/3 of adolescents and young adults with a disability report no known friends outside the home and sadly, nearly 50% reported mental health as an issue of personal concern.

Sony Foundation’s Holiday Camps for children with a disability help with development of personal identity and confidence and create a sense of community. We now want to continue this impact for young adults with a disability because they want and need the same experiences, relationships, purpose and opportunities just like any other adolescents.

Funds raised will enable the program to expand and include adolescents with a disability from 2021, heralding the next generation of one of Australia’s most impactful and longstanding disability support programs.

Sony Foundation raised over $36Million for young Australians in need, that means…

Sony Foundation Australia is a charity backed by the Sony group of companies in Australia. We support young Australians facing cancer, disability and homelessness. We started ‘You Can’ in 2010 to support young Australians aged 15 – 25 years old diagnosed with cancer who were falling through a gap in our health system. Our vision is to ensure that no teenager or young adult faces cancer alone. With your help, we can make this happen.