Sony Foundation Australia Data Collection Notice:

By ticking this box, I give permission for my data to be collected and held by Sony Foundation Australia in accordance with Sony Foundation’s Privacy Policy for the use conjunction with Bid2Give. I agree that Sony Foundation Australia and any third parties (such as companies that have donated prizes) may use this personal data for personnel, administration and/or management purposes; to fulfil the obligations of the Bid2Give site including prize fulfilment; communications relating to payments and donations; communications relating to Bid2Give auctions and raffles. I give permission for Sony Foundation Australia to add my details to their database and they may contact me regarding Sony Foundation news.

If consent is not given, prize fulfilment cannot be made and you will not be eligible to win in any raffles or auction prizes you engage in on Bid2Give.

I give my permission for my data to be collected and be made available in the ways described above.

I agree with the statement above.

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